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Green Screen Photo Greatness

Lately, green screen photography has become more in-demand for events.  In taking on these projects we've found new ways to use green screen technology that yields big benefits for our clients.  Here's a run-down of some of these innovations that may spark ideas for your events.

For St. Joseph's Hospital gala at the Museum of Natural History, they wanted to break away from the usual "stand and smile" portrait photo, and offer something a little different.  Playing off the location, we created a green screen photography background using a photo of one of the dioramas at the museum.

We got off-hour access to the museum, and took a number of photos of various dioramas.  This in itself is tricky to do, because the photos have to be taken outside the dioramas, requiring careful and meticulous lighting.  Done properly, the results were fantastic: a green screen background that put the subjects right into the diorama!  It was a big hit with the gala attendees.

Here's how one looks:

Inventive and fun use of green screen photography

You can see more of them by clicking here:

We also created a way to enable St. Joseph's Hospital to provide their gala guests with a print as a gift, and to make additional donations with each additional print they order.  But I'll save these details for another blog post.  Today I'm all about green screen photography!

Another creative green screen application was used for two events tied-ins with Rolling Stone Magazine.  The first was held at Santos Party House , produced by the creative folks at Relevent, Inc. and sponsored by Heineken.  They used props to maximum advantage, as you can see for yourself:

This is branding at its best: everyone walked away with a really fun photo of themselves, on the cover of Rolling Stone, with the Heineken logo embedded as part of the image and the experience.

The second Rolling Stone event was produced by the magazine's event staff, to help promote the launch of a new fragrance called Ecko, by designer Mark Ecko.  We set up a portrait station with green screen in Macy*s at Roosevelt Field Mall, and anyone buying the fragrance received their picture on the cover of Rolling Stone as a gift.  The client was so thrilled with this execution of branding as merchandising, they're considering repeating the promotion in Chicago and other major markets.

green screen with props

Another event at the Museum of Natural History was produced by Kaleidoscope for HP in conjunction with the launch of Microsoft Windows 7.  They took a more product-oriented approach for their green screen photography, but without sacrificing any of the fun or keepsake-quality.

microsoft and HP use green screen for product launch

Lots of green screen uses, all achieving different marketing and PR goals, all directly communicating to their customer base.  That's the power of the green screen and green screen photography!

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