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How to Replace the Antenna Base on a 2000 Ford Focus

    • 1). Unscrew the antenna from the base and set it aside.

    • 2). Detach the interior light assembly. To do this, insert a flathead screwdriver or small key into the notch located at the front of the light. Gently pry the light assembly free from its housing.

    • 3). Disconnect the wires from the light assembly and set it aside. They will simply unplug.

    • 4). Remove the screws holding the light housing in place with a Phillips screwdriver. Set the housing aside.

    • 5
      An example of a six-pointed star.pretty star on a christmas-tree image by Maria Brzostowska from

      Use a torx screwdriver to remove the screw holding the antenna base in place. The screw will have a notch shaped like a six-pointed star.

    • 6). Remove the antenna base from the exterior of the car and replace it with a new one.

    • 7). Screw the base into place using the torx screwdriver.

    • 8). Replace the light housing with the Phillips screwdriver and light assembly by popping it back in place.

    • 9). Screw the antenna into the new housing.

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