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Desktop Video Conferencing – a Collaborative Technology for Confidential Military Services

The military services of all the countries across the world largely depends on advance commumication technology to secure their boundaries. Thus, the video conferencing solutions plays a crucial and effective role to ensure efficient military services.

Video conferencing solutions allows the military personnels to see and hear each other at the same time. It helps them to exchange visual information from anywhere with the help of digital video cameras and streaming video. It facilitated them to absorb information better if they are both seeing and hearing it. Thus, video conferencing facilitate a virtual interactive meeting environment.

Operational desktop video conferencing technology is now revolutionizing collaboration. Thus, use of this collaborative technology as a part of a military research initiative, tends to support operational requirements process of the countries.

Desktop video conferencing helps military men to transmit meeting details which are considered as top secret and confidential documents for military personnel. By means of multi point video, voice, and data communication, the technology enables the collaborators to access necessary human resources at any time.

The video and audio signals are sent across hard-wired, fiber-optic connections to and from each conference site, over encoded military satellite systems, or a combination of both. Troops are connected to the system from headquarters, the battlefield or nearby military bases. Over time, commanders recognized the need to let soldiers use that technology to connect with the required military general. Thus, a desk top video conferencing is safe, unique and enriched with high technical support.

Video conferencing microphone inputs from the camera and audio input from the microphone can be converted into the digital data. Software is used to compress the data so that it can travel more quickly via ISDN lines, broadband Internet or WiFi. When the data reaches its destination, it gets decompressed to be viewed on a computer monitor or television screen and heard through speakers. Acoustic echo cancellation software is used to remove sound interference. It eliminates delays so that sound and visuals are in equal order.

Desktop video conferencing effectively guards the military's global telecommunications network. This helps the troops to connect themselves with the current war situations and built up their morale for military need. Military readiness means troops are focused and ready for duty at all times.

The defense service must hire one of the best product provider to install these video conferencing solutions. It will help the military service people to guard the nation with hazel free defense service and less efforts.

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