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The great opportunity while shopping is to make a purchase using the advantages of on-line marketing via Internet while sitting in your comfortable armchair with a cup of hot tea and a laptop on your knees. Ordering garments in clothes shops on-line now is as easy as it has never been before.  The only thing you need is to know your perfect size.

Nowadays lots of sites have very narrow specialization, like sport shops or underwear shops. That is a good idea when you know what exactly you want at the moment. But most women go shopping with the idea of buying something special while they don’t know what they really want. The others manage to buy different clothes at the same time. That’s why our website is the best choice when talking about clothes e-shopping.

So, what about the underwear? It has always been the most important part of every woman outfit and the process of picking the right item is extremely individual. Some prefer frillies, the others minis or highwaist panties but whatever your choice is you can easily find it on our website clothes e-shop, belonging to Active Technologies 1895 GmbH company. The company’s target audience consists of women of any age, taste and shape, who wish to spend less money and to look no worse than movie stars at the same time.

All men know that the way a woman is dressed shows her temper and sexuality and the more luxurious and beautiful underwear she wears, the higher level of pleasure reaches the lady in the male’s mind, the greater passion and pleasure she is associated with. They like an unusual contrast of inner and upper wear. Such an effect may be caused by sexy pants under the dressing gown or pants with strasses under the jeans. Everything depends on your fantasy and the aim of our website on-line shop is to extend the imagination borders and to help you to make exactly the right choice.

However, choosing the style of underwear women can pursue some other goals. Yes! With the help of correctly selected pants you may influence your mood the right way. Sportswear helps you feel more convenient while thongs more confident. In misty morning when everything is dark grey and blue, the bright mini is the best way to start a day. You’ll amaze everybody on your way with your sparkling eyes and you face shining like the sun.

But what if you consider that your body is far from perfect? What if you want to make you breasts more magnificent and a waistline thinner? Active Technologies manufactures hundreds of models with secrets that hide your drawbacks and accentuate the merits, and you may find all of them on the pages of our on-line shop.

One of the most popular underwear trends today is animal print. It’s like a play of your feelings and va chance to be always different: to be white and fluffy like a rabbit or cunning and red like a fox or even aggressive like a tiger female. Usually women associate themselves with such animals while choosing the underwear and realize that their disposition becomes different while wearing them. The “Black Panther” Naomi Campbell and Ava Gardner mentioned that influence of underwear on their success is very significant.

Another modern trend is the sport style underwear manufactured from natural cotton fabric that is laconically designed and sexual. By the way, men want to check out what is the owner of such underwear made of, let alone the fact, that men love when women wear male clothes. And this is the flavor of unisex style.

And, of course, snow white pants trimmed with lace, frills or ruche are rightfully considered to be the crown of the labor of underwear manufacturers. Such underwear has always been the most wanted among women. What charming prince wouldn’t like to kiss a sleeping beauty that looks like the Snow Queen?

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