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Boarding Schools for Young Kids

    Bement School

    • Located in Deerfield, Massachusetts, the Bement School starts boarding children as early as third grade. Classes are co-ed with one teacher to every 12 students. The Bement School offers support classes for children that suffer from ADD or ADHD or have English as a second language. Students boarding full-time can expect to pay $42,000 per year in tuition and students boarding five days per week can expect to pay $32,000 per year. The Bement School has a 70 percent acceptance rate of new applicants into the entire school (including non-boarding students). Your child will have the ability to try sports such as skiing, cross country, baseball, basketball, squash and lacrosse. Children are exposed to fine arts every day of schooling and the Bement School strives to challenge its students with its daily curriculum.

    Hampshire Country School

    • If you are seeking a quaint boarding school that overlooks country landscape for your little boy, then the Hampshire Country School located in Rindge, New Hampshire, might be your match. The Hampshire Country School offers boarding school curriculum to students as low as the third grade and is an all-boy institution. On more than 1,700 acres of country landscape, the Hampshire Country School allows students to board full-time up to the 12th grade. The average class size is four students to one or two instructors and the dress code is casual. Parents can expect to pay $45,000 in tuition yearly for full-time boarding.

    Oakland School

    • For children with learning disabilities, the Oakland School located in Keswick, Virginia, offers full-time boarding for students that require additional attention. The Oakland School is co-ed and strives to help students overcome learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Students are allowed to enter the Oakland School as early as the second grade and stay until ninth grade. The average class size is five students to one instructor and the Oakland School does not offer courses for students who do not speak English as a first language. Parents can expect to pay $42,000 per year for full-time boarding tuition and parents have the option of applying for financial aid directly through the school.

    St. Catherine's Academy

    • Parents seeking military background and structure can find it in St. Catherine's Academy, an all-boy military boarding school in Anaheim, California. Young boys can enter the full-time boarding school as early as fourth grade and are allowed to stay through eighth grade. Students with ADD/ADHD will be provided with specialty courses to help them overcome learning hurdles. St. Catherine's Academy requires a formal dress code with military uniforms distributed to the students. The average class size is 15 students to one teacher. When applying, parents can expect a 70 percent acceptance rate for their sons. For students attending the school full-time, parents will pay more than $37,000 in tuition each year and $28,000 for students boarding five days per week. For parents that want their children to have the military and Catholic school background, St. Catherine's Academy accepts students for daytime classes in the Catholic school starting at kindergarten.

    Dutchess Day School

    • On the east coast, The Dutchess Day School, located in Millbrook, New York will allow new students to enter as early as the second grade. Students attending full-time boarding school will be able to enter into the curriculum and stay up to the eighth grade. With less than 200 enrolled, students are inspired with a foundation of mathematics, literature, science and physical education and one-on-one education. Students can expect to participate in sports such as basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, squash, soccer and volleyball.

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