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Easy Guitar Lesson - 4 Easy Ways To Learn The Acoustic Guitar Fast And Painlessly

Beginning guitar lessons can be a quick and painless process if you plan out in advance and take action. The hardest part is often taking action but with some easy guitar lesson, you can be well on your way to playing your first song. In today's modern internet age, finding self-taught beginner acoustic guitar lessons or guitar lessons DVD is easy. Let us run through the things you need to do to get started.

Owning your first guitar:

You don't necessarily have to buy a brand new guitar. If you know a friend who plays the guitar and doesn't mind lending it to you, take advantage of the fact you get to try out his guitar and find out what you like or dislike. Know what you are looking for in a guitar before forking out your hard earned cash for one. Borrowing a guitar is also a good way to figure out if you are serious about learning to play one. If you get bored of it or give up after a week, at least you didn't waste any money buying one.

Choosing the right mentor:

A lot of aspiring musicians head straight off to a local guitar studio for lessons but in this day and age, you can find really great and effective online beginner guitar lessons or guitar lessons DVD on Amazon. Finding a mentor program online is usually cheaper and allows you to learn at your own pace. You can re-read or rewind the parts that you are stumped at and learn at your own pace without the awkwardness of stopping an entire class of students just to ask a question.

Draw up your own schedule:

This is where discipline comes in. With a fixed schedule detailing the day and number of hours to be spent practising, you can plan out your own lesson plan. A lesson plan will make it harder for you to make up excuses and do something else. Daily practise is recommended, however, for the best results since you are handling the instrument often. The common misconception is that each lesson should last one hour or over a few hours. Do not make it painful for yourself. Just a 15 or 20 minutes easy guitar lesson each day is good enough. Focus on keeping the momentum going.

Play for others:

Whenever possible, play a simple song or parts of any song that you have picked up. There is surely to be fear of looking stupid or putting up a terrible performance but the secret in this last tip is that it helps you to get rid of the fear of performance and the fear of looking stupid. Do not hole your musical talents up because of such fears. This will help you learn to be at ease with performing for others.

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