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How to Clean the Drain on a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

    • 1). Remove the upper and lower racks in the dishwasher by pulling off the stoppers on each bracket with the help of a torque-head screwdriver. Once the stoppers are off, the racks will slide right off the rails.

    • 2). Unclip the main spray arm in the dishwasher from the top, the back and then the bottom of the machine.

    • 3). Hold the center bolt on the lower spray arm and rotate the arm counter-clockwise to unscrew it from its position. This should be removed for easier access to the drain.

    • 4). Pivot the spray arm clockwise and then lift it off the center section.

    • 5). Unscrew the four bolts holding the lower plate in place with the torque-head screwdriver, and remove the plate. The drain and main basin are now exposed.

    • 6). Reach your hand into the basin to physically remove any large debris. Wear rubber gloves since much of the debris could be moldy or laden with bacteria.

    • 7). Unscrew the chopper assembly cover in the lower left portion of the basin and wiggle the cover off. Remove any debris from inside the assembly since this frequently blocks the drain.

    • 8). Pull out the rubber flapper valve to the right of the chopper assembly and remove any debris from the valve tube.

    • 9). Pour a small amount of drain cleaner into the basin to further eliminate deposits that can't be reached manually.

    • 10

      Reassemble the components in the same fashion you took them out and run a cleaning cycle to flush out the drain cleaner and finish cleaning the drain system.

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