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How to Maximize the Viewing Area in Firefox Without Removing Toolbars

    • 1). Launch Firefox and select "View," "Toolbars," then "Customize."

    • 2). Drag the navigation buttons, address bar and search box onto the menu bar to the left of the "Help" item, adding spaces to create separation.

    • 3). Remove the activity indicator from the top right of the menu bar.

    • 4). Check "Use Small Icons" in the "Customize Toolbar" dialogue.

    • 5). Click "Done."

    • 6). From the "View" menu, select "Toolbars" and un-check "Navigation Toolbar."

    • 7). Navigate to the Fission add-on page (link provided in "Resources").

    • 8). Click "Add to Firefox" to install Fission.

    • 9). Restart Firefox.

    • 10

      Select "Tools," then "Add-ons."

    • 11

      Select "Fission" and click "Preferences."

    • 12

      Check "Active link/mouse-over link in the address bar."

    • 13

      Select "View" and un-check "Status Bar."

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