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How to Determine a Fast DNS

    Test your DNS Speed

    • 1). Open a DOS command prompt. Click "Start", "Run." Type cmd and press "Enter."

    • 2). Type prompt $ t. This command will DOS prompt to the current time.

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      Public DNS servers can handle substantially more Web traffic.Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

      Run the command nslookup This is the IP address of OpenDNS, located at, which is a public DNS. Substitute "any website" with a high volume site that is most likely not already cached on your computer, meaning you have not already visited it. A example would be a major news site that you have not visited before. This will test the time, in milliseconds, it takes for OpenDNS server to load the website. Record the time result in milliseconds. On average, it should be between 2-8 ms.

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      Find the IP address of your local DNS server. In the command prompt, type ipconfig /all.

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      Your local DNS may be slowing you Images

      Run the command nslookup followed by the IP address of your local DNS server. On average, it should be between 5-10 ms. Record the time in milliseconds and note the difference from step 3.

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      If the difference is minimal, or less than 5 ms, there is no need to change the DNS servers.Hemera Technologies/ Images

      Decide which DNS server better suits your needs. Public domain name servers such as OpenDNS will work on all machines and operating systems. If you find the public DNS is faster, consider changing the Internet Protocol Properties on your computer. If your local DNS server is quicker, then you are done.

    • 7). Changing the Internet Protocol Properties is done by going to your Control Panel, to Network Connections, to Local Network Connection, to TCP IP Properties. Here you can change the IP address to the preferred DNS server. For OpenDNS, change the server numbers to and the alternate DNS Server to

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