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Bookcase Painting Ideas

    Pastel Shades

    • Pastel shades such as baby blue, pink, purple and light yellow can all work as paint colors for bookcases. Paint the cases one main color or mix it up by painting the case pink and the shelves purple. This is easier to do if you can remove the shelves and paint them separately. Place light colored bookcases in a child's nursery or include these cases in your office if the colors work with your decor selections.

    Children's Bookcases

    • Paint bookcases in your child's room with bright colors that go well with the theme. A pink or purple bookcase works well in a princess room. After the paint has dried, you can add a thin coat of spray-on glue on the bookcase and then sprinkle glitter all over it to create a magical effect. Gluing on buttons and other designs can also make the bookcase more festive. Bright colored bookcases featuring yellow or lime green also blend well in a kid's room. A child might also enjoy a bookcase that glows in the dark. Achieve this book by painting the case with glow-in-the-dark paint. The particles in the paint soak up light during the day when the lights are on and then shine all night long. A case like this can serve as a giant night light for some kids. Paint polka dots, happy faces or other designs on the bookcase, if this is what your child likes.

    Classic White or Cream

    • Paint your bookcase classic white or cream if you have nautical decor or a general theme. These two colors go well with all sorts of classic modern looks. A white bookcase next to a blue wall stands out. However, if you have white walls, choose another color or go with cream. This simple idea goes well in offices, living rooms or spaces that have a more neutral feel.

    Artistic Cases

    • Create an artsy bookcase if you plan on placing it in a craft room, art space or funky-themed room. Use bright colors such as orange, yellow or lime green, if these colors work well in the room. You can also paint the bookcase white and then paint on oranges, limes, lemons and other citrus fruits. Feature other types of designs on the sides and top of the case such as flowers, hearts, leaves and trees.

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