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How Top Notch B Schools View the Role of MBA Admissions Counselling

We wonder how many aspirants this year would think of using the help of coaching centres or visit the MBA admissions counselling sessions when they think of applying at top notch B SCHOOLS?

If estimates are to be believed, there would be plenty in India who would not! Sources from reputed B SCHOOLS say that one in ten students would think of using the help of a reputed consultant, and yet would dream of entering top notch B SCHOOLS in India or abroad, most vying for Wharton, Stanford, IIMs or even Harvard for that matter. Last year, around fifty percent of Indian candidates who went through counselling made it through, while the rest had their efforts going down in vain.

Such estimates though are tough to validate because most consultants wouldn't want to reveal to the public the real numbers, because of confidentiality clauses and privacy for their aspirants. However, the numbers are large and we dont want you to be a statistic. The number of students aiming for an IIM, ISB Hyderabad or XLRI Jamshedpur is high, and some are even looking at top notch B SCHOOLS in foreign lands too. Indian students are more aspiring than their counterparts abroad, and what deter most of them would be the investment value and the pricing.

Applicants from India say top notch MBA counsellors are ready to pay for GMAT admissions consulting and preparation for the same; however the application process they stubbornly want to do on their own. This is where they falter and hence dont make it through. On the contrary, if you look at the students abroad who aspire to join MBA schools of repute, they would pay for a whole package. This would include preparing for the entrance examinations, essays, SOPs, interview preparation and more. In turn, the students abroad have an upper edge, since they are well prepared and come with applications that are mighty strong, stronger than the Indian aspirants. What we in India should realise is that the GMAT scores should be high, but there are other factors too which would impress the B SCHOOLS, and that is what we need help on.

How the top notch B SCHOOLS view the counselling session

If you check the news on Harvard Business School last year, there were around fifty invites sent for MBA consultants to come set shop in their campus. It was an agenda which was more than just a tour for them on their campus, but an opportunity for them to interact with the admissions director, Dee Leopold (Harvard) and executive director, Steve Nelson (Harvard MBA) too. The 3 day conference held by the esteemed €Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC)€ helped the MBA admissions counselling from India interact with the counterparts at the campus and from various parts of the globe.

At the conference, the counsellors learnt how cautious B SCHOOLS were across the globe, especially when granting seats to potential candidates. They wanted more and more of Indian students joining them, which is why they suggested counsellors to have small teams to have better one on one interactions when aspirants come across for help. The capacity thus wouldn't be limited, and over the years students aspiring to join B SCHOOLS of repute would have immense help in all spheres to make it through and join their desired B SCHOOL too.

Hence, the top notch B SCHOOLS after their learning session at the 3 day conference in Harvard last year now makes it mandatory for students to check with mba admission counsellors, so that everyone gets a fair chance to enter a B SCHOOL of their choice. Now think about this and do your homework on the reputed GMAT admissions consulting teams in Delhi.

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