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Twitter API Developer Discussion

    Twitter API

    • An API allows an application residing on a PC, tablet or mobile devicve to access another application's data, even if that data resides on a remote Web server. Twitter offers several APIs that perform different tasks. These APIs allow developers to send requests for information to Twitter from desktop or Web applications. The APIs return data in a variety of formats, including JavaScript Object Notation and Extensible Markup Language. This data includes different type of information. For example, detailed information about a particular Twitter user or a list of Tweets sent by a user. Some secure APIs require authentication.

    API Access

    • You don't have to use Twitter to take advantage of its APIs, but you do need a Twitter account and an API key. After signing up for a Twitter account, visit the Twitter Developers Create an Application page and request the key you need. The page asks for the name of the Twitter application you plan to build and presents a few rules for you to review. You must also agree to Twitter's terms and conditions. You are then ready to begin coding your Twitter application.

    Twitter Discussions

    • Even if you don't have questions after getting your Twitter API key, learn more about the code that runs the APIs via the Twitter Developers Discussion site. Similar to an Internet forum, the Discussions site consists of topics submitted by Twitter developers. Topics range from discussions about streaming to those on user authentication. Find a topic that interests you and double-click it to view its discussion thread. The right side of every topic page contains additional related content.

    Using Twitter Discussions

    • If you come across valuable API information while browsing discussion topics, click the "Subscribe to Thread" button. This selection enables you to receive email notifications when someone adds new information to your topic of interest. In addition, use the Discussion site to view and copy helpful code examples from Web pages that display code. A handy "Search" box at the top of each page lets you to search for topics by keyword. Search results appear on a separate page that contains links that allow you to sort results by relevance or date.

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