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How To Rise Above The Crab Mentality Of Others

Are you familiar with those people who love to criticize you even for the pettiest things? Do you sense that they're talking about you behind your back? There's one good explanation for it: crab mentality.

Crab mentality is a social epidemic. It is characterized by people's action of pulling others down so they can get on topjust like crabs that are beating one another on who gets to go out from the pail first.

For any person who is a victim of crab mentality, it's a terrible stressor. Your reputation and everything you worked hard for are suddenly in great jeopardy. Moreover, you cannot help but ask yourself the question, "Why me?"

You should be aware that most likely there's nothing wrong with you. In fact, you have plenty of good attributes, forcing others to feel intense insecurity. Nonetheless, you should be ready just in case the stress and anxiety of crab mentality get hold of you. Do the following:

Stay away from them as soon as possible. If you have friends or even family members who are trying to put you down for no reason, it's a good idea to just stay away from them. Create a whole new circle of friends or stay close to those that you trust the most. It's a whole lot better to maintain a few personal strong relationships than many loose ones.

Share your feelings. You should never allow the anxiety to build up inside you. Otherwise, it may lead to depression or too much stress. Rather, share your feelings. There are many ways to do that.

One, you can grab a pen and paper, then write everything you want to say to those people. When you're done with the rant, you throw them away. The purpose of writing is to let your negative feelings out, not to remember them over and over.

If you have the will, you can approach the individuals and tell them what you feel. Some of them may not be fully aware of what they're doing. Talking to them may give them a new perspective about themselves. Nevertheless, not everyone will welcome your action. Don't be disheartened. As long as you've said things as politely as you can, you have done nothing wrong. In the process, you have eased yourself off.

Be nice. Do you know that these people don't want you to be nice? They are very observant. They want to find even the minutest mistake about you and utilize it to bring you down. But if you're nice, it will be hard for them to do that. Second, you'll feel good about yourself.

Practice affirmations. It's normal to lose a sense of confidence when you're presented with a lot of negativity, but you can always counteract that with subliminal messages. You can fill your mind with positive thoughts each day. If you're feeling sullen, you can repeat the following subliminal messages:

I am the author of my life.
I know that I am a good person.
I am self-reliant and very strong.
I have a wall that keeps negative people away from me.

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