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Improve My Golf Game - Learn The Special Risk Factors Regarding Improve My Golf Game

Discover How I Learned to Improve My Golf Game and How You Can Do It Too

My final aim in life is to improve my golf game. I understand that I will probably never be anywhere near as good as Tiger Woods, but I study his style and strategies just the same. In addition, I also like to study golf statistics and I attempt to use that information to improve my golf game. Occasionally it works, and sometimes it winds up being worthless trivia.

Did you know that the majority of the best scratch golfers on the planet miss, on average, 6 greens in any given round? That's one in 3, perhaps it's just me, but those numbers don't sound that great to me.

But here's the crucial part, they still get around a golf course in par or better. So how do they do it?

It's really easy; they all play fantastic short games. The techniques they use to play their shots on, or just off the green are the real key to shooting low scores and reducing your critical handicap. So, let me get down to the basic question. Where do I begin to improve my golf game and get the ball in the hole in fewer shots?

The short game is what I need to work on to improve my golf game. But obviously you can't use your putter if conditions are against you. Everything in the game of golf is a judgement call and the standard of your short game will be the determining factor in your scores. The key to this idea is that it's easier to roll a ball towards the hole than it is to aim for a target that is a hundred yards away.

If, like me you are thinking, I'd like to improve my golf game, you need to concentrate on your short game. The old saying is "Drive for show - Putt for dough." And if you study the game like I do, you realize that's absolutely true.

Now I love to give the ball a good whack at the tee as much as the next guy, but you know as well as I do, it doesn't always get the job done The short game needn't be tricky, it just requires a changed approach and a little insider knowledge.

I was able to improve my golf game in less than a week. Want to know how? Visit Improve My Golf Game []

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