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How to Recover Photos from the Memory Card

How to Recover Photos from the Memory Card

Memory card is flash memory storage device that you can use to store digital files and folders. Do you know how to recover photos from the memory card?

Since they offer fast data access, small form factor, re-record capability, power-free data storage and various advanced features, these are primarily used with digital cameras to store audios, pictures and videos. At times, when you find your memory card unrecognizable, it is quite prominent that its structure is damaged. To resolve such problems, you will need to reformat your memory card. To restore lost data, use your latest data backup. But if you find that you cannot restore from the available backup, you should use Digital Photo Recovery utilities to recover and restore them.

When you insert your memory card in your digital camera, you might encounter the similar error message, as below: "cannot read from the card. Do you want to format it?"

You cannot access the data furthermore. Additionally, when you attach the same card with your computer system, it hangs. You might also get errors suggesting that the card is corrupt.


The digital camera might fail to read from the card due to following possible reasons:

Digital cameras recognize specific formats. You might receive the above error if your memory card is not formatted to be used with camera.

The file system of memory card might be damaged.


Following are the methods which you can use to solve these issues:

Use digital camera software to format the memory card and make it compatible with the camera.

To troubleshoot file system corruption, you should reformat it and restore lost data from the available backup.

If you discover that data backup is not valid or updated enough to give desired output, you need to use Photo Recovery Software. These are powerful Digital Photo Recovery applications built with indigenous technology to recover digital data from all types of media. Equipped with advanced recovery features, safe scanning algorithms, graphically rich user interface and complete documentation, these recovery tools serve as most valid tools to recover lost digital data.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a comprehensive recovery utility for recovering data from all memory cards, hard disk drives, USB flash drives and memory sticks. The tool is available for Windows (Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000) and Mac.

It is an advanced Photo Recovery Software that supports almost all digital file formats.

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