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2 Factors That Determine Your Affiliate Income

Affiliate marketing is simply a business model where You, the affiliate, recommend OTHER people's products for a cut of the profits...without you having to create any of your own products! Let me share with you 2 factors That will determine the amount of affiliate income you will get from your affiliate business.

No matter in what businesses, the main reason of that business is to increase or maximize their profits. If this is not the main reason of a business, then it is not a business. Today, there are a lot of businesses out there on the net, and affiliate program works great. Many people joined affiliate programs, but they don't know how to increase their affiliate income. If you want to increase your affiliate income, then you will need to know what are the factors that determine it. In affiliate marketing, there are only 2 factors that determine your affiliate income, they are:

1. Traffic volume, that you drive to your merchants' sites.

2. Conversion rate, the percentage of sales or leads.

These are the only 2 factors that are going to determine your affiliate income. So all you need to do is just to concentrate in these 2 things.

Learn how to use Pay-Per-Click ads to drive traffic. Learn more about Short-Term and Long-Term traffic strategies. Learn how to use unconventional traffic strategies that put you at an advantage over your competitors.

A lot of affiliates trying to figure out how to increase traffic to their sites, but they do not care about the conversion rate. What if you've got 5,000 visitors a day, but only 1 of them actually buys your products? This means that 4,999 of the visitors come to your site, and leave without a trace! What a waste.

Therefore, take some time off to brush up your copywriting skills. For a start, I do advise that you save on your expenditure by learning to do some of the stuff on your own instead of engaging a third party's help. Instead, your investment should be spent on coaching programmes that will help you grow in value as an affiliate marketer.
Build up your website creation skills as well. A great website is definitely a good conversion tool. Don't fret over the technical HTML stuff. Believe me, with current website creation tools such as Kompozer, NVU or Frontpage, creating a webpage has never been easier.

Make More Money
So what you should do is to focus in improving both of these factors! Don't do just one, do both together. Why? Simply because your affiliate profits is the multiply of your traffic volume with conversion rate, not addition! You will find your affiliate income will increase drastically if you do both of them. If you want to make more money in affiliate programs, you definitely need to follow this rule. Therefore, stop wasting time on other fields, just concentrate in these two will make you a Millionaire.

Thus, now you know how you can make more money in affiliate marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing or internet marketing is about marketing your products and services. Nothing special, it is the same as the usual marketing you've always heard of in your life. You can learn more about affiliate marketing with me.

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