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How To Get Free Traffic Using Online Video

Online video is becoming a more and more important medium. But can marketers use this phenomenon to drive free traffic to their sites? This article describes the four simple steps I used to get traffic and sales from an affiliate product using online video sites.

This article is in two parts. Part one explains the four simple steps I used. Part two which can be found at my website (link at the bottom of this article) shows the actual video I created and the results I achieved, including my conclusion about this marketing method.

I recently read a book about generating traffic using video sharing networks like youtube, google video etc.

I am always keen to try new systems especially if they are the set and forget format. Set and forget marketing are ways of driving traffic where you set it up once and it continues to generate visitors without any further effort from yourself.

Today I am going to show you exactly what I done, how I did it and the results it produced.

Step One

Firstly I picked a program I believe in. The program is called Brain Bullet and it is a subliminal learning system software. Subliminal learning uses very quick flashes of images and text. These are shown so fast that your conscious mind cannot really make them out.

Your subconscious mind on the other hand does take the image/text in and this can help modify behaviour.

This technology was first used in the movie industry but was outlawed as it can be used in a negative way or for commercial gain. The software I am promoting gives the user full control over the information they use, so is perfectly safe.

For instance you can use this technology to get fitter, thinner, smarter etc. Personally I used it to stop smoking and to get over a fear of public speaking.

Anyway I'm not here to sell you on the program. Suffice to say that I believe it works, it is a fair price, converts reasonably and they pay a good commission and pay it on time.

Step Two

Next I got my hands on some royalty free music. You will find that a lot of the videos on these networks have regular popular music in them. People play copyright music then lip-sync to it, or they create their own videos to popular songs.

Whilst this may appear harmless, it is, in fact a step on the wrong side of the legal line. Some video sharing networks are getting sued all the time by copyright holders who are protesting about their work being shown for free on these sites.

You also have to confirm that you are not uploading anything which is not your copyright when you FTP your video.

In a commercial venture such as mine it is easier to simply get some royalty free music and images (therefore you stay on the right side of the law). I bought a load of royalty free music for pennies of ebay, and a royalty free photo CD from my local computer store.

Step Three

I used two software programs, powerpoint and Camtasia to create the actual video.

I created a slide show with an upbeat music track behind it in powerpoint then recorded it with Camtasia.

Step Four

I uploaded my creation to two popular video sharing sites.

That's it. That's all I done. The question is... did it work and if so how successful was it and would I do it again?

Well I measured the results over a one month period.

If you want to see the video and want to hear the results I got, then you need to catch the second half of this article (Part Two) at the following address.

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