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Types Of Separator Centrifuges

Centrifuge is a machine that is used for separating solids substance from liquid particles also it can be used for the process of clarification and separation of two liquids of different densities. Centrifuge is a technical term and most of us are not familiar with it, but the persons who are working in pharmaceutical and chemical industries are well versed with it. It is basically a separator device that is employed in the process of separation and clarification. An electric motor or spun is used by hand placing an object in rotational form by applying a force perpendicular to its axis for driving a centrifuge. This rotation initiates a centrifugal force that is responsible for separating substances of different densities. In simple terms, a machine which separates solids substance from liquids particles is referred to as a centrifuge.

Here we are explaining some of the popular centrifuges used in various industries:

Centrifuge Extractor
For separating components of a liquid solution centrifuge extractor is used. It comprises of a series of pierced concentric rings in a cylindrical drum which rotates at speed of 2200 to 5500 revolutions per minute in a particular region of a cylindrical shaft.

Basket Centrifuge
Basket centrifuges are also called as vertical centrifuges. They comprises of bowls that rotate around their vertical axis. A fine mesh screen or a slew of screens with finer mesh screens make up a basket Centrifuge which is supported by the bowl. It is also known as centrifugal filter or separator consisting of a pierced wall and cylindrical tubular rotor.

Top Discharge Centrifuge
It is used for separation of solid and liquid substances in sugar Industries also can be used for dextrose mono hydrate separation in pharmaceutical industries. It is available in various material of construction. These centrifuges are having fully auto cycle mode.

Clinical Centrifuge
For your veterinary laboratory, dispensary you can go for a clinical centrifuge. It can be helpful for blood separation, spinning more samples, including blood and urine.

Peeler centrifuge
Batch separators are also known as peeler centrifuges, they use cloth filters which comprises of pierced filtration bowls. The solid in the shape of filter cakes are formed on the cloth filter during the separation of liquid at high speed. The peeler knives are present at the rotating bowl which the help of them the filter cakes are removed. If you want to remove moisture from solids which has to be as pure as possible, you can use peeler centrifuges.

Pusher centrifuge
They contain filtration bowls which are equipped with metal screening sheets. Solids can also be washed with separator. These systems are preferred for large quantities of solids; they can have medium demands on the purity and residual moisture of a solid.
Worm-screen centrifuge

These centrifuges are basically an alternate to pusher centrifuges. The only difference is that these centrifuges discharge solids with the help of a rotating worm screw from the bowls. They are used for the substances having lower solid concentrations.

Inverting filter centrifuge
Inverting filter centrifuge is identical to peeler centrifuge separator; they separate the solids by filtration in the centrifugal field. Here the only difference is that the through the lateral movement solids are discharged by inversion of cloth filter rather than discharging by a peeling knife. They may mostly used in the industry where relatively low amounts of solids have to be produced with highest levels of purity.

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