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How to Replace Oven Ignitors

    • 1). Unplug the range from the wall outlet before beginning the repair. If repairing a wall oven, turn off the range breaker in your service panel.

    • 2). Open the oven door, then flip down the hinge locks on the door to unlock the door hinges. Close the door to the broil-stop position, then lift the door up and pull it off the range.

    • 3). Remove the oven racks from the oven.

    • 4). Remove the bottom panel of the oven if replacing the bake igniter. To remove the panel, remove the screws securing the panel into position, then lift the panel from the oven.

    • 5). Remove the screws securing the burner shield, then remove the burner shield, if applicable.

    • 6). Remove the mounting screws securing the igniter to the side of the burner.

    • 7). Pull the igniter away from the rear wall of the oven, pulling the wire connector with it. If the wire connector is not accessible, it may be necessary to remove the rear panel of the range or the bottom storage drawer to reach it. To remove the rear panel, pull the range away from the wall, then remove the screws securing the panel.

    • 8). Unclip the igniter's wire connector, then remove and discard the igniter.

    • 9). Connect the new igniter's wire connector to the oven's wire harness.

    • 10

      Replace the rear panel or storage drawer, if necessary.

    • 11

      Secure the new igniter to the side of the burner using the mounting screws that were removed.

    • 12

      Reassemble the oven and reinstall the door by reversing the steps taken to disassemble it.

    • 13

      Push the range back against the wall, if applicable, then restore power.

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