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How to Network Your Music

This article's goal is to help artist find better ways to network there music.You really would be amazed at how many artist that have made it in the music business where about to give up but they stuck it out... In this article you will find keys and websites that will help you as a musician.

Music Producer Techniques

Whether you are a hit-making producer or a music lover looking to enter the music world as a producer, it is important to focus on a few important techniques that can help you build up a good reputation for mediating difficult artists and producing hit songs. Once you are able to produce a few hits,

Vox AC15C1 Amplifier

Everyone knows that Vox is one of the original guitar amp companies that helped change the world we live in. From The Beatles to Brad Paisley, many legendary players have relied on Vox amps to carve out their tone and make great music.