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Speech Tips For Brides

Having the female perspective can be refreshing and provide balance to the traditional all-male cast. But without a lot of thought and preparation it can just as easily cast a shadow over the day that you've spent months, if not years, planning. Here are a few pointers to getting it right:

Ordering Proofs And Samples

There are two ways to order invitations. You can either order them online or you can order them onsite from a local invitation dealer. The benefit to ordering onsite from a local dealer is that you can physically feel and see what the actual invitation is before you order it. When online, all you ha

Holiday Wedding Favors

When talking about holiday wedding favors I am not just talking about Christmas, but also other notable dates in the year such as Valentines Day and Easter, both of which are popular for weddings. Here are some ideas for wedding favors to give to your guests for your holiday themed wedding.