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What Are SG5 Bearings?

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SG5 bearings are a type of wheel bearing that is lubricated with silicone grease and used on some inline skates. SG bearings are one of three types used on precision sporting equipment. A bearing placed between each wheel and its axle gives inline skates their fluid movement. Silicone lubrication te

What Are HSS Drill Bits?

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Ordinary high-carbon steel lacks the durability and heat tolerance to perform well in high-speed drilling tasks. Special alloys blend specific elements with high-carbon steel, producing tool steel with enhanced properties. High-speed steel (HSS) bits--harder and more resistant to abrasion than high-

DIY Concrete Mold Making

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Making a concrete mold is a technique called casting that requires the use of a form. The form to use is constructed in the shape of the mold. This can be a concrete fountain or a centerpiece for a patio. To do this you will require rigid foam insulation. The tools and materials you will need for th